The following information is outdated for previous semesters of Hack Challenge! For FA20, in which Hack Challenge is online, please refer to the information in our Discord channel #announcements for timelines and requirements!


In order to ensure that you and your team are on track to produce a final deliverable, you will submit a midpoint submission with what you have completed so far. You’ll meet with your AppDev mentors to go over what you’ve worked on so far and any other questions you might have.

For the midpoint submission, you will need to implement certain minimum functionality in your app. Midpoint submissions will be turned in to CMS.



  1. Submit a working UI - the data in the app can be hard-coded (ie. creating your own objects in app, like earlier projects), but be sure that it is ready to be received as data from an API request (conform it to Codable).

  2. Use a UICollectionView or UITableView

  3. Use some form of navigation



  1. Use SQLAlchemy to model data in some way

  2. Have at least one GET, POST, and DELETE request that interfaces with the database in some way

  3. The app doesn’t have to be deployed yet, but should be able to be run on your machine

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